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Wilson Brown Earns ADC Young Guns Award

We are very proud to announce that Creative Director Wilson Brown has received the Art Director’s Club Young Guns 9 award.

ADC Young Guns® honors the vanguard of creative professionals who let loose their imaginations, shattering conventions and breaking boundaries with a dash of brilliance and personal flair. (

Congratulations to Wilson and the rest of the winners!

American Cancer Society: 350 More Birthdays!

For nearly 100 years, the American Cancer Society (The Official Sponsor of Birthdays) has worked to save the lives of cancer patients. We had the pleasure of working with Mirada (Guillermo del Toro’s creative workshop) and The Martin Agency on this video that celebrates the 350 more birthdays the ACS helps create everyday.

American Cancer Society “Knowledge”

Client: American Cancer Society
Agency: The Martin Agency
Director: Mirada / Motion Theory
Music, Sound Design & Mix: Antfood

Ant Camp in the Catskills!

Last fall, we decided to escape the city and move the studio to Lake Oscawana in the Hudson Valley for a week. It was an amazing trip, and allowed us to clear our heads and create some really great music, as well as spend some quality time with our friends and colleagues.

So we decided to do it again, though this time a little further outside the city, in the Catskills. While we were incredibly busy, juggling several different jobs, somehow it felt relaxing. Maybe it was being closer to nature. Then again, maybe it was the custom-built sauna on the side of the lake.

View from the lakeKatherineVic and Pedro admire Sean's croquet stanceVic and Gareth relaxing in the sunPizza, fresh from the woodfired brick ovenVic on guitarPedro on pianoVic and GarethWilsonGareth, Wilson and Sean pull some porkPig!!!GrottersVicMiles and miles from the City.

TheFWA Public Shortlist!

We recently launched our long-awaited HTML5 website.  We were thrilled with how it turned out, and submitted it for consideration for TheFWA awards.  The site was well-received by TheFWA community, and made the Public Shortlist!  Thanks to everyone who voted, and to our programmer, Sergiu Baluta, and our illustrator, Rachel Domm.

Google + Antfood: Ready When You Are!

The Google ChromeBook is here!

Antfood, Google, BBH and Buck teamed up to create this entertaining spot to introduce the new ChromeBook at yesterday’s Google I/O Conference in San Francisco. Working within a tight deadline, we created a bold, yet whimsical piece of music to drive the visuals, with pizzicato strings that acted as the “voice” of the ChromeBook. From AdFreak, “Witty, great looking, informational, but not boring—Google just knows how to do these demo videos.” The video was a hit at the conference:

Antfood also recently collaborated with Buck to create the teaser spot for Google “Offers.” We combined a fun and handcrafted track with a variety of vocals from friends and family.

F5 Opening Titles Are Here!

Antfood teamed up with Buck to create a fun kids-style opening for this year’s F5 Festival. Utilizing colorful puppets, vintage audio equipment and authentic musical performances, we developed a familiar sonic aesthetic while incorporating modern techniques to “surprise and delight” our creative colleagues. We were thrilled to be involved in this audio-driven piece and hope to share our happiness with you!

Directors: Buck
Music & Sound Design: Antfood

More than a 30-second Jingle: Interview with Wilson Brown

John Presley of Music Composer Blog recently interviewed Antfood Creative Director Wilson Brown. Click here for the original posting.

Written by John Presley
Saturday, 26 March 2011

As technology grows, music and sound is being experienced in new ways. Antfood, a custom music and sound design house in Brooklyn, NY, is ready for the ever-changing technical demands of the industry. Creative director and partner Wilson Brown is the guiding force behind Antfood’s ambitious team of musicians.

“We build and develop some of our own equipment and software in order to create a process that is specialized for ‘nontraditional’ projects,” says Brown. “In addition to creating linear pieces for broadcast and web TV, we also create interactive audio experiences, aleatoric compositions, and multidimensional sound.”

Antfood believes that good work comes from good collaboration. “I simply believe in always doing fantastic work, being responsive as a creative team and professional as a business,” explains Brown. “It is important to remember who the brand is while always pushing towards something new that stands out in a saturated media space.”

“There are many aspects of advertising production that undervalue what we do,” says Brown. “However, I believe that brands, ad agencies and production companies generally do respect custom music and sound. Original music and customized sound design tells stories, sells ideas and elevates brand identity in a manner that licensed audio does not.”

When it comes to commercial music, Antfood must contend with the growing usage of sound-a-like songs, often requested by an agency when they cannot secure the rights to a song. “I don’t have the perspective of some of my veteran colleagues of how great life was before the sound-a-like,” says Brown. “It concerns me because it is not sustainable from a business or creative standpoint. Many brands that are primarily identified with popular bands and bands that are identified with popular brands do themselves both a disservice in representing themselves as a singular entity. However, colossal changes have struck the music industry and everyone is fighting for a piece of the pie.”

Agencies and productions houses working with Antfood often require a certain amount of musical and technical dexterity. On some projects, Brown’s team is involved from pitch to completion, while others begin 72 hours before the commercial goes to air. “Some jobs require round after round of many different original compositions until one sticks,” says Brown, “while others we present one rough idea early on and spend weeks revising and fine-tuning until it is perfect.”

There are some instances where full transparency is not practical due to timing, direction and privacy issues. “There are certain jobs where we work very closely with the editor and/or director,” says Brown. “There are other jobs where we are kept completely separate. I prefer to communicate with the creative team as I feel it usually produces stronger work and a more fluid process.”

Odisea Promo “Periscope”

We worked with our friends at Dvein on this promo for Odisea, a Spanish and Portuguese documentary channel under Chello Multicanal.

The protagonist is a periscope that consists of several different sights/heads, each with a personality of its own. As is the theme of the channel, the periscope invites you to “see your world differently.”

Client: Chello Multicanal
Director: Dvein
Production Company: 8 de Agosto
Music & Sound Design: Antfood

Hennessy Presents: A Very Special Experience

Get down with some Henny! Check out this fun viral short, “Hennessy Presents: A Very Special Experience,” shot in sunny Miami, Florida. As if we weren’t already sick of the cold in New York, they had to rub it in a little further.

Agency: Berlin Cameron
Music: Antfood

January Newsletter: A Special Thanks!

Dear Friends,

We hope this letter finds you energized in 2011, a year full of potential and wonderful new opportunities. 2010 was truly an exceptional year for Antfood, which is a testament to you, our amazing friends and colleagues, and our mutual hard work, which resulted in some great projects.


We received two Cannes Cyber Lions in 2010 for our sound design on BBH’s AXE “Virtual Hair Action” campaign. Using binaural recording, we created unique “3D listening experiences” to give audiences intimate, real-time Hair Action adventures. We also received Telly awards for our music on the F5 Titles and sound design on National Geographic’s “Think Again” campaign. Finally, we were honored to be Stash Magazine’s Featured Music Studio in the November Stash 74 issue.

Additionally, we were proud to be a part of many interesting projects in 2010, from broadcast to interactive to audio installations and more. Here are some of our personal favorites:


Working with BBDO Toronto and Rabbit directors +jacksonkarinja, we produced an original music track for Shaw’s “Together Is Amazing” TV campaign launch. The song, “Beginnings,” quickly gained popularity in Western Canada, so we decided to give the people what they wanted and extend the 60-second track into a full length song. It is now available for purchase on iTunes, and 25% of all proceeds will be donated to the Food Banks of Canada.


This past fall, we partnered with Hush and Third Eye Studios to create an interactive installation for “The Borgias” room at the Showtime House. We created an interactive audio experience in which a video camera mounted on the ceiling translates participants’ movement into real-time, layered sound effects.


We were fortunate to work on a couple projects for Smart Car’s “Against Dumb” campaign to wrap up the year. First, we worked with our friends at Buck, who created a beautiful animated video for the “Against Dumb Manifesto.” Then, to ring in the holiday season, we recorded an album of Smart Car-themed holiday carols, which were available to download for free on Facebook.

Thanks to all of you who played a part in such an amazing year for us. Here’s to an even better one in 2011!


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